TOP-QUALITY Handmade leather belts !!!
I make my belts from native American steer hides that are tanned and processed in the United States! I buy the best quality leather I can buy to make these belts . I consider my belts to be gun toting Leather Belts ,not only will they carry a gun but it will hold up your britches. All my belts my come with solid brass hardware , buckles and snaps for interchanging belt buckles !
I will guarantee the snaps and the buckle the life of the belt !
All my belts are solid construction no fillers or add-ons and are made in the USA !!
All my belts are individually custom fitted to the person that purchases the belt !!

I also make custom belts of all types !
If you need a good quality belt come on down, it be a privilege to help you hold up your britches !!! AND save the world!!